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To schedule a workshop, please contact us at:

Experimentation by Design
Tel: (302) 351-8305
Fax: (309) 273-0920


All workshop fees are per attendee - minimum class size is 3 attendees. Additional costs include instructor travel and out-of-pocket expenses. All Workshops are quoted so that there will be no "hidden" fees or charges. Discounts are available for larger class sizes, or for scheduling more than one workshop back-to-back.

$1,495 - Basic Design of Experiments (3-days)
$1,295 - Advanced Design of Experiments (2-Days)
$1,495 - Using Design of Experiments with Mixture/Formulations (2-Days)
$2,395 - Experimentation by Design, Managing DOE Projects (2-Days)


Workshops to be delivered in the continental US are booked by payment of a non-refundable deposit of $3,000 so that travel and course materials can be arranged. The balance is due within 30 days of the end of the workshop. The cost of a workshop includes the fees shown above, plus instructor travel and any out of pocket expenses used to create the course handouts.

The facilities and any refreshments provided for the workshop are the responsibility of the company booking the workshop. See the Workshop Setup and Logistics document for details.

For classes of 15 or higher, Experimentation by Design will provide two instructors. This does not increase the "per attendee fees", but does result in higher travel costs.

The Experimentation by Design, Managing DOE Projects workshop always uses two instructors so that the discussions during the course will be able to tap into a much broader range of management experiences.