Velocity Pointe

Why This Team is So Powerful


Philip Press, Consulting Statistician

Philip Press has over 40 years of statistical consulting experience in specialty chemicals, health care, biotech and quick-service restaurant businesses. He has proven track record of accomplishment in solving process and product development problems to increase yield, reduce costs, speed new product introductions and improve profitability. Since 1997, as principal of Philip Press, Inc, he has provided statistical consulting expertise to numerous clients, specializing in application of statistical methodology and design of experiments to product and process development, manufacturing cost and yield improvement, process validation and process optimization.

Phil is recognized for his ability to effectively communicate statistical concepts and conclusions. His background in chemical engineering, in addition to statistics, enhances his understanding of client requirements and his focus on effective solutions.

He has successfully trained Research and Development staff and integrated statistical design of experiments methodology into R&D organizations of several major corporations. He has trained more than five hundred engineers, scientists and technicians in North America, Europe and Asia in experimental design, statistical concepts and statistical process control.

Regis Betsch, PhD

Regis Betsch has used the tools of Design of Experiments since 1983.  As a PhD Materials Scientist, he has personally directed research which applied the methods to broad range of technologies including: Solid State Electronics, Optical Components, Chemical Processes, and State-of-the-art characterization equipment design and use.  He has a strong background as a project manager of Defense Contracts where he developed the foundations of integrating Project Management with Design of Experiments to create Experimentation by Design.  While at ECHIP he provided consultant-level product development support to thousands of projects worldwide.  Through his consulting support he contributed to many market-leading products, which today have annual sales of many tens of $B.  He has been part of the team which created the ECHIP Workshops offered by Experimentation by Design.  He has taught these powerful Workshops, based on the principles of Cognitive Psychology, to over a thousand professionals in the US and Europe.

Technical Support

Having led the tech support at ECHIP for over 14 years, there is no one with more experience than Regis in assisting researchers in the use of the ECHIP software. On the other hand, Phil Press is one of three statisticians who have supported researchers in understanding the statistics "under the hood" in the ECHIP software. Phil has trained and supported hundreds of researchers using ECHIP at major corporations for more than 15 years