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We give R&D Organizations the tools to :

Make Those Dollars Deliver New Revenue Streams

Experimentation by Design supports the creation of new and/or improved “money pumps” in companies which sell physical products. Today there are annual sales of tens of billions of dollars of market leading products which have been developed using our methods and in many cases our direct support.

The Experimentation by Design methodology, which combines state-of-the-art Design of Experiments (DOE) and Project Management tools, is generic and can be applied to optimize any process and/or product design in a timely cost effective manner. We help achieve success in R&D with the following capabilities:

  • ECHIP DOE software
  • DOE Workshops
  • Workshops for Managers of DOE Projects
  • Consulting
  • Experimentation by Design uses as its foundation the leading Design of Experiments (DOE) software, ECHIP. This is the only DOE software which was designed from the ground-up as a tool for researchers rather than software designed for statisticians. Even so, it uses the state-of-the-art statistical methods for the design and analysis of the experiments.

    We have supported all levels of researchers from PhD's to the bench technicians. Our workshops work - studies show that over 90% of attendees are still using these techniques 3 years later. Our Basic DOE Workshop assumes only that the attendee has an R&D background - no previous DOE experience is necessary.

    Our approach is Six Sigma friendly. We take the basic DOE concepts taught in most Six Sigma programs and leverage them so that the researchers can reliably apply the most sophisticated methods available with only 3-days of training. For those who have experience with the power of ECHIP, we offer advanced courses that allow the researcher to robustly deal with the most complex problems.

    For project managers who need to incorporate DOE in their projects, our premier workshop, Experimentation by Design, gives managers the ability to synergistically combine DOE and project management.

    Let us prove it is possible.  Experience the quick-start for these methods.