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ECHIP Software has been successfully used in virtually every product industry including (note examples only show a few of the applications):

DOE Should be a Tool Not the Goal

Many of the books on Design of Experiments are written by statisticians for statisticians. Using a car analogy, they are about how to design the engine and control the air fuel ratio, etc. Researchers are analogous to the drivers of the car - they need to know how to drive the car to get somewhere. They need the car to work reliably and to have simple understandable controls. They also need to be able to safely drive the car in challenging weather conditions. Their interest is in how to drive the car, not in how it is made.

ECHIP software does just that. It gives researchers an interface designed to complement their engineering and scientific knowledge yet has under-the-hood the full statistical complexity of state-of-the-art Design of Experiments.

The ease of use is demonstrated in the ability to robustly apply DOE to one’s research after attending a single 3-day workshop. Our studies show that the software and training provide a synergistic framework to support the use of DOE – in a study spanning 8 years, over 90% of those who attended the ECHIP Workshop were still using the software 3 years later.

The output from ECHIP gives users a predictive knowledge of their process and communicates that in a powerful numeric and visual manner.

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