Velocity Pointe

Workshop Highlights:

A Workshop for Managers of R&D Projects
2-Day Workshop

The challenge in every R&D Project is how to estimate the time to do the development, and then to make sure that that time is met within reason.

Velocity Pointe

This Workshop shows how to integrate Project Management and

Design of Experiments:

Velocity Pointe


Using DOE properly allows one to be able to estimate, with fair precision, how much time and resources it takes to develop a new or improved product. This is done by rigorously identifying the questions which need to be asked, and then quantifying the size of experiment it takes to answer each question.

The output of a designed experiment is the ability to predict the results of doing a trial at some setting of the control parameters which was not tested. This predictive model allows one to predict the best place to run a process IF THERE IS A STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT ONE.

On the other hand, knowing that there is no acceptable place to operate the process means that one does not waste time continuously looking for the magic set of conditions that will deliver acceptable results when no such place exists. Instead one knows that a fundamental design change must be made in order to achieve the project objectives.

Projects are no longer abandoned because they run out of time. Rather one can make informed decisions to continue or terminate a project with confidence based on a picture of the process and predicted outcomes from the experimental design.

Scheduling Your Workshop

The workshop uses the power of the ECHIP software to support the R&D project management efforts. The workshops are taught at your site and can be customized for your particular industry. The it is the responsibility of the company requesting the workshop to provide the training facilities (click here for details).

The cost of the workshop is $2,395/attendee plus expenses (instructor travel and out-of-pocket costs) with a minimum of 3 students.