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ECHIP Software is available with two different types of license:

Single User Software License

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Please note that ordering software from this site applies ONLY to Single User Licensed software. A single user license allows one to install the software on multiple computers as long as only one user has access to the software - it is not to be shared in any manner.

The license is not for "one user at a time", but for a single person's access to the software. So a licensee can install the software on their lab computer, their laptop and their home computer with this license as long as they are the sole user of the software.

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Network License

The Network License cannot be ordered online. Call (302.351.8305) or email ( if you wish to obtain a network license for a group of users.

The Network license is licensed by "seat". Only one person can be assigned to a given seat. Similar to the single user license anyone who has been assigned a "seat" can also have an individual copy installed on their laptop and their home computer if desired.

Technical Support

The ECHIP software no longer requires an annual renewal. Since there is no annual fee, technical support is not included in the license fee, yet when users contact support they do so without risk of an unwanted charge. No charges are made for technical support until you are given an estimate, and agree to the charge. In many cases, simple support will not incur a fee. Also we do not charge for support for any problems experienced with the operation of the software itself such as difficulties in having the software work with the constraints imposed by the Windows operating system.