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Workshop Highlights:

Fundamental DOE Skills Workshop
3-Day Workshop

It is not apparent why such a powerful tool has received so little support in our academic institutions. From our surveys of thousands of technical professionals - many of them with advanced degrees - we find that about 10% of them are taught Design of Experiments as part of their formal education. To add to the frustration, may who have had some formal education in this area were taught DOE as part of a Statistical Program, and spent their time using a small specialized subset of DOE known as fractional factorial design.

Velocity Pointe

The ECHIP approach, on the other hand, is designed to develop a predictive model of the experimental region. It uses the Response Surface Method (RSM) to obtain the right answer in as easy and expedient manner as possible. It uses a very opportunistic approach to DOE which allows scientists and engineers to safely perform Designed Experiments without becoming expert statisticians. The method has built-in safeguards to keep researchers from wasting their efforts, and gives a clear indication when the assistance of a statistician is required.

The 3-day Basic Workshop combines intensive computer exercises with discussion and demonstrations (including a hands-on classroom experiment). By the end of the second day the attendees are able to optimize a complex 10-variable plastic extruder process. The third day covers strategies and tactics to deal with many real world situations (click here for the detailed syllabus)

Scheduling Your Workshop

The workshop uses the power of the ECHIP software to achieve a skills level of RSM DOE expertise in only three days. The workshops are taught at your site and can be customized for your particular industry. It is the responsibility of the company requesting the workshop to provide the training facilities (click here for details).

The cost of the workshop is $1,495/attendee plus expenses (instructor travel and out-of-pocket costs) with a minimum of 3 students.