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Workshop Highlights:

Mixture/Formulation Design of Experiments (DOE)
2-Day Workshop

Working with mixtures/formulations adds to the complexity of the Design of experiments process. The differences change the way the data are modeled, analyzed and plotted.   By using the ECHIP software we are able to give scientists and engineers the ability to effectively deal with mixtures/formulations in real world situations. The ECHIP User's Guide gives a step by step example of a mixture/formulation experiment. The ECHIP Reference manual contains terse descriptions of how mixture/formulation designs are handled by the software.

Velocity Pointe

ECHIP software contains a very powerful experimental design algorithm which allows one to directly deal not only with mixtures/formulations but these in combination with continuous process variables such as time and temperature, and with categorical variables such as catalyst-A and catalyst-B. The issue is that most mixture/formulation studies are of a complexity that textbook designs cannot be applied. Also the interpretation of the results requires having some fundamental understanding of the underlying mathematics.

Again using the car analogy, working with mixtures/formulations, one needs to understand that the a truck engine runs on diesel, not gasoline, that we have air brakes with limited capacity reservoir rather than hydraulic brakes that are always working... In effect, to reliably deal with mixtures/formulations one needs the expertise of a professional driver. Still the issue is to be able to use the tool to achieve a purpose (be a driver) rather than to work on the tool itself (be a mechanic).

The 2-day Mixture/Formulation DOE Workshop combines intensive computer exercises with discussion and demonstrations (including a hands-on classroom experiment). By the end of the second day the attendees are able to optimize a complex 10-variable plastic extruder process. The third day covers strategies and tactics to deal with many real world examples (click here for the detailed syllabus)

Scheduling Your Workshop

The workshop uses the power of ECHIP software to achieve a skills level for Mixture/Formulation DOE expertise in two days. The workshops are taught at your site and can be customized for your particular industry. It is the responsibility of the company requesting the workshop to provide the training facilities (click here for details).

The cost of the workshop is $1,495/attendee plus expenses (instructor travel and out-of-pocket costs) with a minimum of 3 students.